Mirrodin Besieged Set Review, Part II

What’s this? PART II? Don’t know where Part I is? Suffering from a chronic fear of scrolling down more than a couple hundred pixels? Fear not. Here’s Part I of our Mirrodin Besieged review.


Coda: Free spells, you say? Sign me up! I imagine Jace, the Mind Sculptor probably […]

Mirrodin Besieged Set Review, Part I

Coda: Let’s be honest—Scars wasn’t exactly the most inspiring of sets, EDH-wise, especially compared to some of the great staples and over-the-top ridiculosity that got printed in Zendikar block. Genesis Wave is one of my all-time favorites, sure, and there were some decent legends, but aside from that what have you got? […]

The Top 5 Least Fun EDH Decks and Plays

Let’s be honest here: we all love to play Magic not only because we’re a bunch of analytical geeks, but because we’re a bunch of competitive analytical geeks. We like to win. We like to win a lot. But there’s winning in a way that leaves everybody feeling like they’ve fought a worthy and satisfying […]

Unsung Heroes, Part I

There’s a whole long list of cards that tend to get bandied about in EDH circles…the ones you’re supposed to include no matter what. This is not that list. These are the unsung heroes of EDH, the cards that never seem to get the love they richly deserve. Or, well, five of them. This is the first part in a series, after all. […]

Let’s Talk About EDH. Baby.

Welcome! (And if you didn’t hear that in the Merchant’s voice from Resident Evil 4, then I certainly hope you do so. Now. Do it. It’s an order.) This here be an Elder Dragon Highlander group blog—or Commander, if you want to be all up on the correct terminology and shit. It is almost definitely […]