Starting up a Commander Cube

I have the lucky privilege of playing with two very different playgroups. One I play with at home with all of my other co-bloggers, and the other is at college where I was one of the founders of its current Magic the Gathering Club. With how much fun playing Commander Cube at home is, I […]

Holiday Presents and Packages

One great piece of knowledge that I received from my family is: whenever you are invited to someone’s house for the first time, it is a good idea to be courteous and if you can, bring a small housewarming gift. Seeing as how this is my first post on this blog, which I could see […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: Too Much Good Stuff

One of the few cards that genuinely should go in every deck.

Most seasoned EDH deckbuilders know the feeling. You’ve got this great idea for a deck, say for instance a crazy BUG spirit tribal deck. Your mind whirls with the possibilities as you feverishly pick out all the cards that would go […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: A Tutor Primer

Variance is the enemy of every deckbuilder. Most 60 card Constructed decks attempt to be as consistent as possible by running 4 copies of each of their most important cards, but in a 99 card singleton format like EDH, we have to get a bit more creative in order to have any kind of consistency. […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: The Five Things Every Deck Needs

Deckbuilding for EDH is a far cry from the hyperspecialized, metagamed world of Constructed, but for some reason I keep seeing players applying the rules they learned at tournaments to the big table. Sure, some of the tricks that work there fit right in to the world of EDH, but when games go long and […]