Playing to have fun vs. playing to win

I played one of the most epic and fun games last Thursday at Guardian Games‘s EDH night. A game that not only taught me the importance of having answers, but the importance of holding back on the most disruptive answers. It was a game that encapsulated the lesson imparted by this article by Adam Styborski […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: A Tutor Primer

Variance is the enemy of every deckbuilder. Most 60 card Constructed decks attempt to be as consistent as possible by running 4 copies of each of their most important cards, but in a 99 card singleton format like EDH, we have to get a bit more creative in order to have any kind of consistency. […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: The Five Things Every Deck Needs

Deckbuilding for EDH is a far cry from the hyperspecialized, metagamed world of Constructed, but for some reason I keep seeing players applying the rules they learned at tournaments to the big table. Sure, some of the tricks that work there fit right in to the world of EDH, but when games go long and […]

Candy’s Top 15 Dragons for EDH

Trogdoooooooooor! Trogdoooooooor!

It’s pretty much a given that most Timmies love dragons, and, well, I’m pretty solidly in the Timmy camp. So yeah. Dragons. Gimme some dragons! They’re stompy (flappy?) and they (well, many of them) [card Firebreathing]firebreathe[/card], and the vast majority of them have some kind of evasion. When I see a sweet […]

From the Vault: Legends announced

Teferi: Hot back then, hot now

Coda alerted me to this less than half an hour ago: the upcoming From the Vaults set is to be Legends, which ties in very nicely with the Commander releases they’re planning for later this year. 15 reprints of legendary creatures. Check out the hot new art for […]

On the Value of Haste, or, How to Win More Often When You’re a Timmy with a Token Deck

If he were kosher for EDH, I'd totally use him as a General.

If you look at my Magic player psychographic profile, you’ll find me pretty squarely in the Timmy camp: I love big spells, I love big creatures, I love big effects, and my primary motivation when playing Magic is to have fun […]