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Please, Helldagrif, don’t hurt ’em.

We’re tremendously grateful for all the things that go into making Magic: the Gathering our favorite game—the varied gameplay possibilities, the beautiful artwork, the flavorful settings, the fact that it continues to develop and evolve over time. We don’t believe we are in any way disrespecting the rights of Wizards of the Coast,  so here are some disclaimers to help clarify our intent, as well as whose stuff is whose:

  1. Magic: The Gathering and any expansions or core sets are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast.
  2. Magic: The Gathering—Commander is also a trademark of Wizards of the Coast.
  3. Original artwork in the banners and any Magic: The Gathering cards are © Wizards of the Coast.
  4. And not that a finding of infringement requires any sort of profit motive, but this site is 100% non-commercial. No ads. No sponsorships. Just a bunch of Magic geeks geeking about Magic.
  5. We are completely unaffiliated with WotC. All our opinions are our own.
  6. All writing on this website © the respective authors unless otherwise noted.

If you believe that any of our work infringes unacceptably on your work, please contact Candy.

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