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Candy GravatarCandy loves big spells and big effects. [card]Insurrection[/card]? Yes. [card]Storm Herd[/card]? HELL yes. [card]Insurrection[/card] the turn after an an opponent has resolved a [card]Storm Herd[/card]? Oh my God yes. [card]Twincast[/card]ing an opponent’s [card]Storm Herd[/card], followed by [card]Gather Specimens[/card]? Let’s just say that play makes her happy in ways no Magic play should ever make a person happy. She’s at her most gleeful when abusing geometric progressions (token creation and lifegain, mostly) and beating face, either with a bunch of weenies or, even better, a big wall o’ fat, though she sometimes dabbles in more controlly builds.

You can see a list of her decks at www.tappedout.net/users/misshepeshu.

Coda GravatarCoda is an inveterate Spike who likes to take breaks from the focused competition of the draft tables in the insane world of EDH. Her approach to multiplayer is probably best described as “suicidal,” although she might demur and call it merely “aggressive.” While some players prefer to sit back and lay low as the board state develops, Coda is the one doing her damnedest to exert control over the entire table right from turn 1. Think of it like playing Archenemy, only without the benefit of scheme cards. Sure, the whole table often ends up ganging up on her, but Coda lives for those moments in the eye of the storm. A connoisseur of big mana plays and enters-the-battlefield shenanigans, Coda is most at home piloting a green deck of some description, although blue exerts a powerful pull of its own. Once upon a time she would have also claimed to be fond of mass discard and land destruction, but she’s better now.  Honest.

You can see her creations at www.tappedout.net/users/CodaPDX/. If you want to get in touch with her, send her a PM on MTGSalvation. Her handle there is CodaPDX.

Samwise is the protector of the bearer of the ring creator and [card]gamekeeper[/card] of a Commander Cube. He heard whispers from the far reaches of the internet telling of a creation so marvelous that it shook the very foundation of the EDH community. Inspired by these tales, he decided to take it upon himself to create the Commander Cube. Here he will be a [card]teller of tales[/card], sharing stories of its construction and the wondrous games played with it. Prior to his adventures with the Commander Cube, Sam had been playing MtG since 2000-ish and playing EDH/Commander since 2005-ish. Although he is perfectly comfortable wielding all five colors of Magic, nothing gives him more [card]sadistic glee[/card] than casting black spells such as [card]Damnation[/card], [card]Necropotence[/card] , [card]Reanimate[/card]  or [card]Vampiric Tutor[/card] . You can contact him at EDHcube@gmail.com for any magic related questions or comments.


LionRum fell in love with Magic the Gathering for its social aspect. He began by playing with his friends at school during homeroom and at lunch, and could be often found playing on kitchen tables and bedroom floors with his friends. Eventually the power level of his group shifted up, and his group shifted to the FNM tournament scene. LionRum showed moderate success here and was known to win a few FNMs; however, as he started to get higher DCI ranked, Magic shifted from “fun” into “winning.” Once he realized Magic turned from stress-relief into stress-full, he quit for awhile. But the advent of EDH brought him back to the game he grew up loving, tying competitive and casual in beautiful harmony. [card]Pheldagrif[/card], [card] Zedruu, the Greathearted[/card], and funny theme decks like one with [card]Karador, Ghost Chieftan[/card] impersonating an executive chef in a kitchen (http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/chef-edh/) are his favorite decks to play; and he is having the most fun at the table when everyone is having a good time.

You can e-mail him at lionrumrum@gmail.com, and he is in the process of putting all of his decks up at http://tappedout.net/users/Lionrum1/ , and at http://essentialmagic.com/users/profile.asp?username=LionRum

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