Commander Card Reviews

Coda: As exciting as all the new generals were, the new Commander set brought a wonderful assortment of non-legendary cards into the mix, as well. As a whole, these cards focus on politics and exploiting a multiplayer environment more than any other cards Wizards has ever released.

Alliance of Arms

Coda: I gotta say, […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: Charity

The infamous purple dress that started it all.

When I first started playing EDH, I was like most Spikes new to the format: pure, unadulterated evil. My decks read like “top 100 most hated EDH cards” lists: Sundering Titan, Myojin of Night’s Reach, Identity Crisis, Desolation Angel, Magister Sphinx, Sorin Markov, it goes on […]

Commander General Reviews

Coda: It’s finally that time, ladies and gentlemen! The most anticipated release of all time for EDH players is finally here, and it most certainly does not disappoint. MTG: Commander should shake up the EDH metagame like nothing else that has come before. Not only are we treated to a legion of powerful new cards, […]