Innistrad Set Review

Coda: I love horror, as a genre. Whether it’s by Cronenburg or Shelly, told in movies or novels or video games, there’s just a part of me that revels in exploring the darker, more primal parts of human nature. Interestingly enough, the last three blocks of Magic seem to have […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: Creature Theory and the Problem of Aggro

I was listening to Limited Resources the other day when Marshall, the host, posed an interesting question: “How much life would a 1 drop sorcery have to give you before you’d pick it over a Serra Angel?” It’s an interesting question. Lifegain cards are often bandied about in Limited drafting circles as “newbie traps.” Gaining […]

Contents of the Cube: Part II – Multi-Color

Here are all of the Multi-Color cards in the Commander Cube (yes I know some of them are artifacts, I have it sorted out by color identity)

Mistmeadow Witch Wall of Denial Momentary Blink Steel of the Godhead Venser, the Sojourner Enchanted Evening Dovescape Deny Reality Twisted Justice Sphinx Summoner Mindleech Mass Glimpse the Unthinkable […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: Building to the Format

One of the most common mistakes I see new EDH players make is taking cards that are good in other formats, say Standard, Legacy, or even Vintage, and assuming that they’re going to be good at the big tables. In some cases that’s true: Sol Ring is broken no matter how you look at it […]

And then there were 56

The 56 Generals of the Commander Cube
















For those of you who do not yet know, a Commander Cube has been unleashed on the Portland EDH scene.

I had been optimizing my collection for building EDH decks for a […]


Not this one.

I have seen the future, gentle reader. Oh yes. And it came to me in not one or two dimensions, but three! Three dimensions, in the divine shape of a cube. More than a thousand of the greatest cards to ever be played in EDH, all together in one place. Ever […]