Sacred Cows…or Snake-Elf-Druidy…Things

Sometimes value just isn't enough.

Ever hear someone wax poetic about a card and just think, “Really?” I’m that way with Coiling Oracle. Everyone and their kid sister seems to think that it’s amazing in ETB decks, but as an avowed ETB connoiseur, I’m not impressed. Paying two mana to either draw a card […]

O Captain! My Captain! Thoughts on the Portrayal of Women in Magic Artwork

Yellow satin chaps: comfortable and breathable, to take care of that not-so-fresh-feeling when engaged in combat with Phyrexians.

For Halloween this year, in honor of my new-ish job at Red Castle Games, I decided to get my nerd on to the limit (EVERYBODY TO THE LIMIT) and dress up as Captain Sisay. And I […]