Starting up a Commander Cube

I have the lucky privilege of playing with two very different playgroups. One I play with at home with all of my other co-bloggers, and the other is at college where I was one of the founders of its current Magic the Gathering Club. With how much fun playing Commander Cube at home is, I […]

My Big Fat Deck: Jenara vs. The World

Here it is, in all of its terrible glory.

While most of my decks usually elicit a groan when I bring them out at the EDH table, this one tends to get people agreeing amongst themselves ahead of time, “Okay, Coda dies first, alright?” It’s not even because it’s particularly broken or unfair, […]

Candy’s Top 15 Dragons for EDH

Trogdoooooooooor! Trogdoooooooor!

It’s pretty much a given that most Timmies love dragons, and, well, I’m pretty solidly in the Timmy camp. So yeah. Dragons. Gimme some dragons! They’re stompy (flappy?) and they (well, many of them) [card Firebreathing]firebreathe[/card], and the vast majority of them have some kind of evasion. When I see a […]

The Top 5 Least Fun EDH Decks and Plays

Let’s be honest here: we all love to play Magic not only because we’re a bunch of analytical geeks, but because we’re a bunch of competitive analytical geeks. We like to win. We like to win a lot. But there’s winning in a way that leaves everybody feeling like they’ve fought a worthy and satisfying […]