Contents of the Cube: Part II – Multi-Color

Here are all of the Multi-Color cards in the Commander Cube (yes I know some of them are artifacts, I have it sorted out by color identity)

[card]Mistmeadow Witch[/card] [card]Wall of Denial[/card] [card]Momentary Blink[/card] [card]Steel of the Godhead[/card] [card]Venser, the Sojourner[/card] [card]Enchanted Evening[/card] [card]Dovescape[/card] [card]Deny Reality[/card] [card]Twisted Justice[/card] [card]Sphinx Summoner[/card] [card]Mindleech Mass[/card] [card]Glimpse the Unthinkable[/card] […]

And then there were 56

The 56 Generals of the Commander Cube
















For those of you who do not yet know, a Commander Cube has been unleashed on the Portland EDH scene.

I had been optimizing my collection for building EDH decks for […]

Coda’s Big Guide to Big Mana

It’s no secret: I love making ridiculously huge amounts of mana. Back when I played Standard I was known to hardcast Iona and the occasional 15-mana [card]Martial Coup[/card], but it’s only here in the heady atmosphere of EDH that I’ve really been able to let my freak flag fly. I mean, Worldwake-era Tapout Control was […]

Coda’s Top Ten Sphinxes

Sphinxes are cool. Mysterious, yet vicious and deceptively powerful. They may not always win in a head-to-head fight with a dragon, but odds are they’ll help get rid of that pesky drake in a more indirect manner. Or they’ll just rip it to shreds. There are those sphinxes, too.

I went combing through the Gatherer […]

EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: The Five Things Every Deck Needs

Deckbuilding for EDH is a far cry from the hyperspecialized, metagamed world of Constructed, but for some reason I keep seeing players applying the rules they learned at tournaments to the big table. Sure, some of the tricks that work there fit right in to the world of EDH, but when games go long and […]

Candy’s Top 15 Dragons for EDH

Trogdoooooooooor! Trogdoooooooor!

It’s pretty much a given that most Timmies love dragons, and, well, I’m pretty solidly in the Timmy camp. So yeah. Dragons. Gimme some dragons! They’re stompy (flappy?) and they (well, many of them) [card Firebreathing]firebreathe[/card], and the vast majority of them have some kind of evasion. When I see a […]