Innistrad Set Review

Coda: I love horror, as a genre. Whether it’s by Cronenburg or Shelly, told in movies or novels or video games, there’s just a part of me that revels in exploring the darker, more primal parts of human nature. Interestingly enough, the last three blocks of Magic seem to have […]

FTV: Legends List Released

At long last we finally get a glimpse at the capstone of what has been an incredibly exciting summer for Commander players – From the Vault: Legends. Ever since the set was originally announced, the web has been atwitter with rumors and guesses as to which legends were going to make the […]

M12 Card Reviews

This has been one hell of a summer of Magic releases. First New Phyrexia gives us a whole bunch of grieftastic bombs, then we had the format-shaking release of the MTG: Commander precons, and then we get to finish up the summer with the one-two punch of M12 and From the Vault: Legends. That’s quite […]

Commander Card Reviews

Coda: As exciting as all the new generals were, the new Commander set brought a wonderful assortment of non-legendary cards into the mix, as well. As a whole, these cards focus on politics and exploiting a multiplayer environment more than any other cards Wizards has ever released.

Alliance of Arms

Coda: I gotta say, […]

Commander General Reviews

Coda: It’s finally that time, ladies and gentlemen! The most anticipated release of all time for EDH players is finally here, and it most certainly does not disappoint. MTG: Commander should shake up the EDH metagame like nothing else that has come before. Not only are we treated to a legion of powerful new cards, […]

New Phyrexia Set Review

The full spoiler for New Phyrexia is finally here, and ahead of schedule, too! The set’s major innovation, Phyrexian mana, can reduce the casting cost of spells by having you pay life, instead. Amazingly powerful from a competitive constructive standpoint, not so much from an EDH one. Since a spell with a Phyrexian mana […]

Mirrodin Besieged Set Review, Part II

What’s this? PART II? Don’t know where Part I is? Suffering from a chronic fear of scrolling down more than a couple hundred pixels? Fear not. Here’s Part I of our Mirrodin Besieged review.


Coda: Free spells, you say? Sign me up! I imagine Jace, the Mind Sculptor probably […]

Mirrodin Besieged Set Review, Part I

Coda: Let’s be honest—Scars wasn’t exactly the most inspiring of sets, EDH-wise, especially compared to some of the great staples and over-the-top ridiculosity that got printed in Zendikar block. Genesis Wave is one of my all-time favorites, sure, and there were some decent legends, but aside from that what have you got? […]