Sweatin’ the Small Stuff, or, Beware Your Throwaway Jokes About Middle-Aged Women in Magic

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you this break from mediocre fanfic to talk about everybody’s favorite topic: sexism in Magic.

(OK, maybe just mine. I have weird hobbies. This surprises nobody.)

As previously, I’m not talking about big, scary sexism—the stuff that’s easy to point at and go “Wow, that’s fucked up.” I’m not going […]

O Captain! My Captain! Thoughts on the Portrayal of Women in Magic Artwork

Yellow satin chaps: comfortable and breathable, to take care of that not-so-fresh-feeling when engaged in combat with Phyrexians.

For Halloween this year, in honor of my new-ish job at Red Castle Games, I decided to get my nerd on to the limit (EVERYBODY TO THE LIMIT) and dress up as [card]Captain Sisay[/card]. And […]