EDH Deckbuilding Fundamentals: Charity

The infamous purple dress that started it all.

When I first started playing EDH, I was like most Spikes new to the format: pure, unadulterated evil. My decks read like “top 100 most hated EDH cards” lists: Sundering Titan, Myojin of Night’s Reach, Identity Crisis, Desolation Angel, Magister Sphinx, Sorin Markov, it goes on […]

Playing to have fun vs. playing to win

I played one of the most epic and fun games last Thursday at Guardian Games‘s EDH night. A game that not only taught me the importance of having answers, but the importance of holding back on the most disruptive answers. It was a game that encapsulated the lesson imparted by this article by Adam Styborski […]

On the Value of Haste, or, How to Win More Often When You’re a Timmy with a Token Deck

If he were kosher for EDH, I'd totally use him as a General.

If you look at my Magic player psychographic profile, you’ll find me pretty squarely in the Timmy camp: I love big spells, I love big creatures, I love big effects, and my primary motivation when playing Magic is to have fun […]