Let’s Talk About EDH. Baby.

Welcome! (And if you didn’t hear that in the Merchant’s voice from Resident Evil 4, then I certainly hope you do so. Now. Do it. It’s an order.) This here be an Elder Dragon Highlander group blog—or Commander, if you want to be all up on the correct terminology and shit. It is almost definitely the nerdiest form of Magic: The Gathering to ever grace the nerd universe—and let’s face it, Magic is already so nerdy that many otherwise unabashed nerds are afraid to openly admit that when somebody says “stack,” they immediately think spells, not pancakes. It’s also, in our opinion, one of the most fun formats in Magic, in which we get to play big spells and big effects for the biggest, craziest, most exhilarating wins. (Also, we like big decks, and we cannot  lie.) If you have no idea what EDH is about, then check out our About EDH/Commander page for a quick run-down, or the official EDH/Commander website for all the details.

We’re going to cover just about every aspect of the game on this site, from set reviews (which cards are  EDH gold? Which ones are EDH dreck?), our favorite cards, combos we love of varying levels of jank and effectiveness, our favorite decks and generals, our least favorite decks and generals, and the social aspects of the game. Our writers run the gamut among the player archetypes.  So settle in, poke around, and enjoy the site.

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